We are a brand new church family in Dayton, growing together and engaging our city with the Gospel.


Our Vision

We are transformed by God's Gospel to make disciples for God's Glory

This is a summary of our longing for what the future of our church could be and our conviction of what it must be. There are three parts to our vision: 1) Gospel Transformation, 2) Great Commission, and 3) God's Glory. By Gospel Transformation, all we simply mean is that when the Gospel is preached and believed, we are changed to be a people of gratitude because of what Christ has done for us. This gratitude changes us to be a people who worship God joyfully, share life with God's family lovingly, serve others humbly, follow Jesus as his disciples sacrificially, and live on mission boldly. This response of gratitude compels and propels us into a life of making disciples. The call to make disciples is known as "The Great Commission." This  "Great Commission" is found in Matthew 28:18-20 where Christ calls those who have been transformed by Jesus to make disciples of Jesus. We do this by devoting ourselves to the preaching and teaching of God's Word, fellowship, the sacraments, prayer, evangelism, and church discipline. Ultimately, we are transformed by the Gospel and sent in this Great Commission for God's glory alone. Which is the third part of our vision. God's Glory is the fuel and the goal of all that we are and do as a church family. 


Our Confession

From the time of the Apostles until now, Christians have laid out beliefs in brief, definitive statements. As those who know God, we believe that it’s necessary to set forth, in a concise way, the cornerstone truths of our church, as guided by the Scriptures. Our Confession of Faith summarizes Christian beliefs, shows our unity in Christ, and guards the Church from error.

As Christians, we confess the Apostle’s Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed with the church throughout the ages. In addition to that, we also confess the Abstract of Principles 1859. Our desire is that, in having a clear confession of faith, we promote clarity, charity, humility, and unity within our congregation and with the universal church.

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God created us for, redeemed us into, and forms us through his family—the church! Therefore, it is necessary for us to not only be a part of the universal church, but to commit and submit to a local church family. For this reason, Veritas practices formal church membership as a partnership and commitment in the Gospel between followers of Jesus. We do this not as a mere formality or tradition, but because we believe it’s an indispensable part of our discipleship as followers of Jesus.

Our Elders, Deacons, and fellow Members need to know who they are responsible for, called to, and committed to. When you join Veritas, you are saying, “these people’s discipleship is my business and mine is theirs.” Our membership process is a formal recognition of this.

Membership Covenant →


Our Leadership

We believe that when God rescues us, he doesn’t then leave us to fend for ourselves, but graciously saves us into a church family. Within the church, followers of Jesus are called to use their God given gifts for the building up of the church and the glory of Jesus. Some of those gifts that God gives are specific leadership roles within the church, such as Elders and Deacons. The following are the leaders God has placed within Veritas Dayton.


Elders (also known as pastors) are those men appointed in a local church to watch over the congregation spiritually, to feed them the Word of God both publicly and privately, to pray for them, to oversee the administration of baptism and the Lord's Supper, and to guard the church from spiritual, doctrinal, and practical dangers. The requirements for men to hold such an office are set forth in Scripture (e.g., 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, 1 Peter 5, etc.). We believe that a plurality of eldership is both plainly biblical and a practical blessing. These elders may differ from one another in experience and gifts, and one or two may labor more often in the preaching ministry than the others, but they are all equal in authority and title.


Garrison Greene - Pastor of preaching and vision

Garrison is the elder that mainly shoulders the responsibilities of preaching, teaching, and vision at Veritas. He grew up in the Dayton area, and loves the city of Dayton very much. In 2015, he and his family were sent from Veritas Community Church in Columbus, Ohio to plant Veritas Dayton. Garrison, his wife Amy, and their children live in the Huffman Historic District.


J.J. Krumlauf - Pastor of CITY GROUPS

J.J. is the elder that oversees the City Groups at Veritas Dayton. He gives vision and oversight in this area of church community life through coaching, training, and caring for City Group leaders and for the congregation. J.J. leads a City Group and also regularly preaches and teaches at Veritas. He married his high school sweetheart, Sara, in 2006. They live in the Huffman Historic Neighborhood with their 4 daughters. He also works at Korrect Inc. as the manager of customer service and dispatch. 



Dan is the elder that gives vision and oversight in the area of evangelism, and is taking time this year to write and refine teaching material to help equip members for evangelism and member care. Dan also leads a City Group and regularly preaches and teaches at Veritas. He is married to Lisa, and together they have four children, and one grandchild. Dan earned his D.Min. in Biblical Theology from SBTS, and has over 20 years of pastoral experience. He finds much enjoyment in caring for and shepherding God's people.



Deacons are those (both men and women) whom the congregation chooses to watch over the church's physical and temporal concerns.  We find the first deacons being commissioned in Acts 6 for the very specific purpose of relieving the elders from having to deal with the physical needs of the people.  This, then, allows for the elders to devote themselves more fully to the ministry of the Word and prayer, without distraction. Deacons, therefore, are a tremendous blessing from the Lord to the people and pastors of a church.  


Brian Drake - Deacon of Music & Liturgy

Brian leads the Gathering Ministry in facilitating the music and liturgy at our Sunday Gatherings, and also helps to oversee and coordinate all of the Sunday morning ministries.  He lives in the Historic Huffman Neighborhood with his wife Sarah and daughter Joanna.  Brian came to Veritas from The Oaks Community Church in Middletown, Ohio.


Sara Krumlauf - Deacon of Hospitality

Sara is married to J.J. Krumlauf and serves Veritas as a Deacon of Hospitality. She worked as a nurse for 6 years before becoming a stay at home mom with their children, Evelyn, Lydia, Nora, and Rosie. She and her family live in the Historic Huffman Neighborhood.


Mike Squire - Deacon of Mercy

Mike leads Veritas in the areas of mercy and city engagement. He is married to Jennifer, and has four children: Katie, Nathan, Ezekiel, and Abel. Mike is Director of Resource Development at United Way of the Greater Dayton Area and resides in the Historic Huffman Neighborhood.



We believe that local churches flourish most and are blessed through partnership and collaboration. Therefore are also associated with the Sojourn Network and the North American Mission Board. These partnerships are invaluable to us as we seek to plant a church in the city of Dayton.