This summer (June-August), Veritas will be introducing some new learning and service opportunities, as well as scaling back in some areas in order to make space for these! We pray that the fruit of a simplified yet intentional summer will be refreshment within the body and growth in our witness to the surrounding community.

Community Relationships

Summer is a time when people are outside more often, so we’re encouraging everyone to spend time showing hospitality to your neighbors! In order to allow more intentional space for this, City Groups will meet once a month, on the first Sunday of each month, rather than every week. We’d encourage you to spend time with other Veritas members outside of your city group, invite non-Christians over to your house for dinner, throw a neighborhood barbecue, etc!


We are excited to launch Veritas: Equip - a series of workshops designed to both edify and challenge our body of believers in our ministry to one another and in our mission to the world. We invite you and your city group to attend two Saturday workshops created and taught by Pastor Dan Turner. These will all take place at Arbor Baptist Church in Dayton from 9AM-3PM. If you can’t attend the date your group is assigned to, we’d love for you to join the other class date! More details and a link for registration will be announced in June, but please mark your calendars!

Redefining Ministry

  • July 13 - North/South Kettering, and Walnut Hills City Groups

  • Aug 24 - Linden Heights, Huffman, and Mid-Week City Groups

Redefining Mission

  • Sept 21 - North/South Kettering, and Walnut Hills City Groups

  • Oct 26 - Linden Heights, Huffman, and Mid-Week City Groups


We will be offering multiple service projects this summer that we can participate in together as a church! The first will be helping restore the Greene family’s fence, and an additional one will be at Ruskin Elementary. Stay tuned for more details, and feel free to contact Mike Squire ( as a resource for opportunities to serve and/or if you have a project you’d like to suggest!


While we will continue to faithfully gather and worship together on the Lord’s day, we will be scaling back a few of our Sunday morning ministries to give opportunity for our serving teams to reset and refresh. This includes Family Ministry taking a break from the Pre-K (4-5) class from June-August, but continuing to offer the Infants and Toddlers classrooms (0-3). Hospitality set-up and refreshments will also be lighter than normal.